What is Why Catholic?

Why Catholic? is a unique faith formation program that is solidly based on Scripture and the Catachism is the Catholic Church.

Why Catholic? offers a concrete approach to help adults deepen their faith and connect it's teachings to thier everyday lives.

Why Catholic? encourages learning in a prayerful small-community setting.

What are the themes of Why Catholic?

The Profession of Faitht: What We Believe
Discover the basic truths of our faith and how they connect with our daily living.

The Celebration of the Christian Mystery: Sacrements
Appreciate the richness of the Mass and see the sacrements as doors to the sacred.

Life in Christ: Walking with God
Explore the Ten Commandments and the Beatitudes as sources for moral wisdom and as blueprints for living the Christian life.

Christian Prayer: Deepening my Experience of God
Experience differrent forms of prayer to grow more deeply in our relationship with God.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Catholics who want to deepen thier faith
  • Parents who want to pass on thier faith
  • Catechists who want to enhance thier faith
  • Adult candidates and catechumens who want to learn the faith
  • Parish organizations and staff who want to reflect on thier faith

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